John Swasey here, and I’m happy to share some awesome news. As you know I have been hosting a convention in Dallas called ANIME DALLAS.  Thanks to you it has been a huge success and will continue to grow.

AND NOW….We’re coming to Houston with  ANIME HOUSTON!

Texas is a MEGA hub for anime!  So I thought why not have a show in Dallas AND Houston!!!???!!!

Hosting Anime Dallas, for me has always been about giving my fellow actor friends a chance to meet fans like you in the area. And also support some amazing charities. And like Dallas, Houston has an abundance of incredibly talented VA’s. And  they are always excited to meet you… the fans.

My goal is always to make it affordable to wrap yourself up in anime fun!  So like ANIME DALLAS, weekend badges are just $20 for ANIME HOUSTON!

So put it on your calendar and make plans to attend!

ANIME HOUSTON, August 6-8 2021.  Hyatt Regency Houston Intercontinental Airport.
I look forward to seeing you at Anime Houston!




Jay Hickman, Advisory Board Member
John Swasey, Chairman

Christine Auten, Advisory Board Member

Let’s have a great time together!

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